Sugar Free Range

At Gelatissimo

Gelatissimo Product Innovation Specialists have created the ultimate guilt-free gelato without compromising the amazing taste and quality we're known for - the 95% Sugar Free Range!

These flavours are filled with low sugar ingredients yet rich in flavour, containing a blend of natural and nutritive sweetner. This means NO artificial sweetners! Once you taste a spoonful of these flavours, it'll be hard to believe they're really 95% sugar free! You can choose from the following:

95% Sugar Free Caramel Latte - an aromatic coffee caramel gelato made using a blend of coffee beans, folded with pieces of 99.5% sugar free shortbread and topped with a crispy sugar free honeycomb toffee.

95% Sugar Free Peppermint Crunch - refreshingly creamy gelato infused with a natural peppermint, sprinkled with a crunchy peppermint brittle and sugar free chocolate chunks.

Indulge yourself by visiting Gelatissimo Orion on Main Street today.