New Deluxe Flavours

At Gelatissimo

Gelatissimo has two NEW arrivals to The Deluxe Range, both loaded with the decadent ingredients you know and love!

Fudgy Choc Chunks & Raspberries
A rich chocolate and raspberry gelato loaded with whole chocolate fudge chunks from the Yarra Valley, using local ingredients and hand made in small batches. This is then rippled with a thick chocolate sauce made with high quality cocoa butter and a tart raspberry sauce to balance out the richness of the gelato.

Frosted Cinnamon Scrolls
It’s a cinnamon and cream cheese gelato, flavoured with Madagascar cinnamon to achieve the perfect sweet and delicate spice undertones. And let’s not forget about the chunks of soft cinnamon scrolls and dollops of delicious cream cheese icing, made with Heilala Vanilla, and handmade by Sonoma Baking Company.

Treat yourself by visiting Gelatissimo Orion today located on Main Street.