Welcome SCRgroup

Clothing Reuse & Recycling

We are exciting to have SCRgroup pop up at Orion!

SCRgroup is one of Australia's largest clothing reuse and recycling companies, finding second homes for Australia's unwanted clothes in local and global communities where they are needed most.

Each year, 100% of what is collected from the 1,500 clothing drop-off hubs visited by over 2 million Australians, is diverted from landfill. What can't be reused, is either turned into rags or converted into an alternate fuel called biofuel.

- 70% is rehomed in local and global communities
- 15% is recycled into rags
- 15% is converted into bio fuels

SCRgroup is a revolutionary company changing the way people think about clothing reuse and recycling.

To read more about SCRgroup click here.

How to access SCRgroup Clothing Hubs:

Looking to clean out the closest? Find the SCRgroup clothing hubs located in the external Target carpark off Sirius Drive.