Dining & Takeaway
Food Delivery and Takeaway

Available From Orion

Hungry? We have you covered with a list of our restaurants and cafes that will help you with food delivery to your doorstep or takeaway during this time.

Baskin Robbins available with UberEats or takeaway

Bombay Bliss available with UberEats and MenuLog or takeaway

Boost Juice available with UberEats or takeaway

Burgers with Bite available with UberEats 

Dominos available with UberEats or takeaway

Eat Sushi available with UberEats or takeaway

Grill'd available with UberEats or takeaway

Guzman y Gomez available with UberEats and Menu Log or takeaway

Hikari Ramen available with UberEats and MenuLog or takeaway

Hogs Breath Steakhouse available with UberEats and MenuLog or takeaway

KFC available with MenuLog or takeaway

Nandos available with UberEats or takeaway

Peak Thai available with Menu Log or takeaway

San Churro with UberEats or takeaway

Schnitz available with UberEats and Deliveroo or takeaway

The Coffee Club available with UberEats or takeaway

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