Welcome Envirobank

Super Kiosk RVM

Envirobank has installed a brand new Super Kiosk RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) at Orion!

The new state of the art machine will make it easier to recycle eligible containers in a contactless manner using the Containers for Change Scheme ID or through Envirobank's Crunch app.

This Envirobank Kiosk is a high-tech state of the art RVM pushing the boundaries on recycling innovation. It delivers large-scale recycling capabilities that can meet the demand for higher-volume container collection. The Envirobank Kiosk can process 100 containers per minute and can recycle up to 3,000 PET, up to 8,000 aluminum and 1,120 glass bottles per unit.

How to access Envirobank:
The Envirobank Kiosk can be found near the Orion Woolworths Loading Dock (Dock 1 & 2 - near Orion Lagoon) off Southern Cross Circuit.