Artist Karri McPherson

Karri McPherson


Karri McPherson’s paintings use geometric art in response to site-specific environments. She uses hard-edge abstraction to break down the boundaries of perception by responding to her immediate surroundings and creating designs based on the location. Karri’s’ works aim to celebrate the beauty of geometric art by infusing communities with her simple, yet intricate, hard-edge compositions.

Through exploring different hard-edge forms, colours, tones and lines, Karri’s works demonstrate how shape can work in relation to space to influence how we experience our surrounds. The works investigate architectural nuances and their potential, with her designs aiming to incorporate qualities from the surrounding environment.

Karri continues to investigate ideas around visual perception by exploring the boundaries and limitations of physical space. As she incorporates the surface and frame of a structure into her paintings, the works have become a reverie about spatial relationships, straddling the divide between art and architecture.