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OPSM offers a great range of international fashion frames both prescriptions and non-prescriptions. Recreate yourself and lifestyle at an affordable price with quality lenses in new frames, sunglasses or try contact lenses both coloured, clear and in prescription. Optometry service available 3 days a week including Thursday nights and Saturdays, bulk billed to Medicare. Have you had the health of your eyes checked recently? OPSM can provide you with the most current fashion frames and up to date technology in today's market of prescription spectacle lenses and contact lenses, including coloured contact lenses in prescription. If you have never tried contact lenses, we offer a free trial. OPSM trade 6 days per week, currently the eye examinations are available 3 days per week including Thursday evenings and alternative Saturdays. Eye examinations are bulk billed through Medicare Australia. OPSM is an avid supporter of "One Sight", the charity organisation which gives that "gift of sight" to thousands of people who cannot afford to purchase eye glasses throughout Australia and overseas. At OPSM Springfield, the collection of unused/old glasses aswell as cash donations for "One Sight" is greatly recieved and appreciated. They clean the recycled eye glasses, bag them and measure the glasses prescription before sending to their head office for distribution. OPSM is located on Main Street.

Monday 9.00AM - 5.30PM
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Public Holidays 10.00am to 4.00pm

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Sunday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

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