Story Time V1

Story Telling at Orion Springfield Central

Ipswich Library presents Story Time

Ipswich Library will be at Orion Springfield Central on the fourth Wednesday of every month for Story Telling at 10.30am.

Story Time Dates for 2016 / 2017

  • Wednesday 28th December
  • Wednesday 25th January
  • Wednesday 22nd February
  • Wednesday 22nd March
  • Wednesday 26th April
  • Wednesday 24th May
  • Wednesday 28th June
  • Wednesday 26th July
  • Wednesday 23rd August
  • Wednesday 27th September
  • Wednesday 25th October
  • Wednesday 22nd November

For more information or to make a booking for your child, please click here or call 07 3810 6815. 

Story Telling is located outside Ed Harry in the Target Mall.